08 August 2011

Being 19 and single doesn't mean I like women:

Being 19 and single isn't weird; I just want to get that out in the open.  No, I am not in a relationship.  However, I am honestly happy with that.  My biological clock hasn't started counting down seconds yet.  I don't cry myself to sleep.  I'm not an old maid with 14 cats.  I don't secretly hate all of my friends that are in relationships.  I'm not a member of an online dating website.  I don't stalk the single guys I meet.  I don't get all foxy to leave the house just for some male attention.  I don't fantasize about the life I don't have.  I don't read "how to" articles on how to get lots and lots of dates.

Hang tight there's a funny story coming your way.  My mom was telling a friend that I've never had a boyfriend and her response was, "She isn't a lesbian is she?".  It's okay to laugh, I know I did.  I don't know if she forgot that I was ONLY 19 or if it is really that strange to her.  But if I was 40 years old and still single, I would be completely happy with my life.  Why, you ask?  Well simply, it's because I am a child of God.  Corny?  Maybe.  But I know I have all I need through the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Now you're probably rolling your eyes and heading for the little "X" on the top of the screen.  Don't go just yet though.  I have a few words of encouragement for you.  Singleness is good.  It's very good actually.  Use this time to grow and become someone worth while!  If you wake up everyday confident in your single self then you won't feel like you need someone.

I don't like to just regurgitate my inner thoughts on others, but I think it's necessary for all you single folks to be reminded that you aren't aloneThe world may think you're weird and lonely.  They may even question your sexuality (again, it's okay to laugh).  But, God sees it as a blessing!  He doesn't judge you; He actually encourages you to chase Him first.  Fall madly in love with the Almighty God before letting someone else in; He'll never disappoint you...I promise.

Be patient.  Don't sweat it.  There may even be someone wonderful waiting for you just around the corner.

Think of all of the wonderful adventures you can have when you're single!  I'll share some of the things I do in my spare "single" time.

 I won't say I'm a "runner" but I finally got into a good habit of running everyday. 
(We'll see how long it lasts.)

 I read books about God.

I study the Bible.

I play with my cats.
(I PROMISE I don't have 14)
I take a lot of pictures.

I go on adventures in my truck Magnus.

I cook/eat quite a bit.

I attempt to learn how to play guitar.
(I'm not very good.)

So there you have it.  I have a lot of fun on my own and you can too.  Just pick up some hobbies or get a kitten.  I would love to know what other "single ladies(or gents)" do in their spare time.