14 March 2013

Missing Bots:

Not a day goes by that I don't think about the sea of white, perfect smiles gleaming back at me.  
I miss their sweet hugs and the way they would brush the dust off of my clothes.  
I miss the way they would call me "Hannah Montana" with their song-like accents.  
I miss seeing the contrast of cocoa and cream when they would hold my hands. 
I miss my team.  I miss the friends I had to leave behind.  
After 6 months, it doesn't feel like it really happened anymore.  
The time I spent in Botswana feels like a far distant memory now.  
But, if I close my eyes and think really hard, I can feel the sun beating down on me.  
I can see the red dirt and the radiant blue sky.  
I can hear the chatter of the little ones echoing all around me.  
The more time I spend away, the more I long to return.  
All I can do is hope that God will allow me to go back someday.  Someday.