15 August 2011

$4.00 Feather Headbands:

I watched an instructional video on how to make these two headbands and decided I wanted to try and do it myself.  You can watch the designer make them step by step here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ej_4yuvQKeY).  I changed one of them up a bit to make it a little cheaper, but it's essentially the same.

The first one was super easy.  You only need three things, a plain plastic headband, glue and a pre-made feather pad.  I got the feathers and glue at the craft store.  I went to about 7 different stores before I found the headbands I was looking for.  I bought two different types.  Goody "miriam" headbands came in a pack of 3 for $3.34 from Target.  I also got a Scunci 3 pack of plastic headbands from Shop Rite; they were thinner than the other ones, but only $1.69.  The feather pad was $2.99.  So with the price of one of the thicker plastic headbands and the feathers it's a total of $4.11.  To buy something like that in a store it would cost around 15-20 dollars.  You can make it even cheaper by making the feather pad yourself by gluing feathers to a piece of felt.  The pre-made ones are arranged nicely though.

 The glue I used is Aleene's Super Gel.  It's really strong so you have to be in a ventilated area if you use it.  I'm sure hot glue or a different type to crazy glue what work just as well.  Try to use whatever you have in your house to save money.

This is the feather pad up close.

Just glue the back onto the headband and let it dry.

This is the final product.  It took 5 seconds to make, it was cheap and it looks really nice.  You can use a different color headband if you want it to match your hair.

The other headband was a bit more time consuming and required a bit more gluing, but it looks pretty fancy.  You need a headband, (I used one of the thinner Goody headbands for this) little plastic crystals, two small squares of felt, feathers, and 20 gauge wire.  I used the same piece of brown felt that I used for the mustache bracelet, the pack of feathers cost $2.99, and the pack of crystals cost $3.99.  I have enough left over material to make another headband and still have left over from that.  So I'll say this headband cost some where around $4.00 to make.  I made mine a bit cheaper than the designer in the video by cutting back on the amount of crystals I used.  

 Okay, so basically what you do is glue the little jewels all the way up one side (leave about an inch or so from the bottom).  Once you get to the top stop.  Starting from the bottom of the other side glue some feathers on until you meet the crystals.  I used more feathers than the lady in the video, but I wanted mine to be a bit fuller.  Also, I used a lot less crystals than she did, but I think it still came out pretty neat.  Once you finish all of that, wrap a small piece of felt around the bottom and then twist the wire over it.  Make sure the wire ends are facing out so they don't stick your ears when you wear it.

 It'll look like this when it's done.
 I really like the look of the wire.  It was so simple to do and it gives the headband a nice finished look.

It looks really delicate and pretty and it wasn't hard to make.

My best friend Lindsey so kindly agreed to model them for me.  So this is what they look like in hair: