12 June 2011

New Hope:

 I had a wonderful day.  One of my cousins graduated high school today so naturally there was partying to be done.  My aunt, uncle and cousins live in one of my favorite towns in all of Pennsylvania, the town of New Hope.  New Hope is one of the most quaint places I've ever been.  Every shop is so cozy and unique; the moment you walk in you feel welcome and at home.  It's the kind of town everyone wishes they could live in.  Since the graduation party was only a couple miles from town, we spent a couple hours shopping and glancing in the windows.

We started by getting some food at a pizza/bar and grill place.  I've eaten at this place before and I didn't remember it being very good, but we went anyway.  The garlic bread was sooo good.  Only problem, you could smell it on my breath from a mile away.  The pizza was decent, but being that I'm a New Jersey pizza snob, it would probably be good by average standards.  However, I give them creditfor being a bar and grill and also being able to make a decent pie.

After we ate we went on to window shopping.  Book, crafts, clothing, antiques, art, candy, and all things India are what most of the stores sell.

Dinosaurs, books and India... New Hope just gets me.

 I left with only purchasing 2 head scarves from a place called Love Saves the Day.  There were a few nick-nacks and antiques that I had my eye on, but I did the responsible thing and walked away.  Leaving the cameras wasn't easy.


Alas, no day can be perfect.  A few years ago while I was in New Hope one of my best friends and me stumbled upon a treasure tucked away behind a couple buildings.  It was a little Italian restaurant that made the best panini I have ever had.  So today I was eager to get my hands on the panini that I've only ever had one time, but can still taste.  I built this sandwich up so much in my head over the years that I don't think any other sandwich could compare.  I turned down the walkway that the restaurant was on... and it was closed.  The saddest thing is, I think it's closed down for good.  The lights were off.  The OPEN sign was dark.  I think I was only meant to ever have that panini one time.  I can still picture the toasted ciabatta bread with grilled chicken and sun dried tomatoes nestled under a blanket of mozzarella all topped off with the perfect pesto sauce.  I suppose it's okay, there will be other paninis.
 Dark inside.  No paninis.  Sad day.

Well, that was it.  We left for the party and had an awesome time catching up with family.  All in all the day was great.  I only lost my wallet once, I got some cute new head scarves, I saw my wonderful family and got some free food.